You're cordially invited to the queer camp immersive Shakespeare party centuries in the making! A rarely produced problem play, featuring arguably some of Shakespeare's most direct language about queerness and gender, Shakespeare's Troilus and Cressida is based on a tale of courtly love by Chaucer built over the epic of the Iliad and focused on men at war and in love. This queer, trans, femme focused production reframes the story as a vaudeville cabaret where Cressida, Helen, and Cassandra tell their sides of the truth. It features brand new songs by composer Lou Lagalante, adaptation by Chris Steele, and director by Sean Owens and Chris Steele. All tickets will be pay-what-you-will at the door, so no one is turned away. Come find out whether all's fair in love and war, or whether it's better to "Go Thy Way" before the going gets gruesome.


Troilus - Nic Sommerfeld

Cressida - Emily Stone

Achilles - Christopher Garay

Thersites/Alexander/Aeneas - Caroline Portante

Paris/Patroclus/Diomedes - Luke Myers

Helen/Menelaus - Ali Haas

Hector/Ajax - Samuel Barksdale

Ulysses/Cassandra - Ling Lee

Pandarus/Agamemnon/Hecuba - Chris Steele